Poem : 84 Minutes Watching A Mint Sucking Contest


Fun day at the old people’s home
84 minutes watching a mint sucking contest.
The losers got bored
And started chatting
A cacophony of pointless noise.
They talked of dead friends
As if they’d just popped out to make tea.
Musical chairs was a failure
All you had to do was sit down
But two bodies fell
Bones shattered like fine china.
Teeth rattled in empty heads.
The winner celebrated by wetting herself
No dignity at ninety six.
Lunch was an event.
Knives were dropped
Bread fought over like precious jewels
Wine leading to sneering
Catty barbs at the younger carers
And ‘We’ll Meet Again’ chronically out of tune.
By five, crankiness ruled.
Like children they bickered
Licking biscuits to stake their claim
Smiling through plastic gnashers.
Next year we will stay home,
Mother would not notice the difference.

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