Thoughts On ‘Rock Of Ages’


I really wasn’t sure about seeing Rock Of Ages, I mean I was a huge fan of these bands, still am and didn’t really wanna see Hollywood take a shot at them, or indeed do it ‘ironically’ which would have been even worse.

Luckily, Rock Of Ages does not do this, it’s essentially Glee/High School Musical with Rock instead of pop and is pretty much guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face if you ever played air guitar to Def Leppard and really, who hasn’t?

The tale sees a small town girl moving to the big city to visit all those places she learnt about through her favourite songs, the biggest being The Bourbon Room where her heroes all performed, including Stacee Jaxx, the king of them all, played here with relish by Tom Cruise, a character rather too close to W Axl Rose for comfort…

Eighties metal classics are performed with gusto, even if ‘Heaven’ by Warrant was released in 1989, whereas the film is based in 1987, this cuts through the fantasy world that has been created, even more so when ‘More Than Words’ by Extreme pops up, a song that wasn’t even RELEASED in the 80’s that the film tries so desperately to portray. These errors really dent an otherwise brilliant film, where there are great cameos from Sebastian Bach, Debbie Gibson, a monkey dressed as a military star called ‘Hey man!” and best of all, director Eli Roth showing up as…a director. Excellent. Add to this Russell Brand as a gay rocker and Alec Baldwin as his club owning partner, and you have a pretty perfect cast throughout.

Rock Of Ages is a great adventure guaranteed to have you singing along and rockin’ out with some of the best songs of all time. Rockin!

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