kendall and flo

So here are the ingredients that can add up to a perfect day. Travelled down to Okehampton to see my sis and nieces, even got there before they were dressed, that’s how eager I was to see them. Got totally drenched walking up but was so excited that I trotted along, almost getting run over by a tractor as I crossed a street singing to myself and didn’t realize which way the traffic was coming.

When I approached the house, my oldest niece Lani was looking out the window for me and gave a big wave which made me smile so much, then I went in and both her and Flobo Baggins (Florence to those not in the family!) were happy to see me and the toys started coming out and pictures were shown.

After lunch we took a trip to the park when the sky decided to open and we got soaked before sheltering in a good undercover bit which soon filled with people and dogs in jackets. Never made it to the actual slides, swings and that as it was all too wet, but we mooched back and looked in windows and laughed.
Came back and Flobo decided to jump around on me while I watched A Bug’s Life, she didn’t like Hopper which makes sense as he is one scary dude, as I said to my sis, you know he is the villain as he is played by Kevin Spacey.

Then we started playing Trivial Pursuit, Stuart and Shu (bro-in-law/sis) were ultra competitive against each other and we got some insane questions. I won the game with a question about George Best. Yep, Kendall won on English Sport. One time deal, obviously, maybe I was helped by Taylor Swift on the telly, Shu made a few disparaging comments but my watertight argument was that she went out with Joe Jonas so she’s been to the top of the relationship mountain. He, he. She doesn’t share my passion for the Jonas!
Now everyone is asleep but wanted to write this up while it was fresh in my brain, it’s not all dark in my world you know and I like to make a point of recording the excellent times, and these are some of the people I have to thank most for that. Thankyou Shu, Triv rematch soon and maybe I will bring my copy of The Human Centipede (“Who’s this director you go on about?”…and was tweeting with Emma Lock from THC2 today too “Is she in that film series then?”, think you might like the first, second might be a little much, hehe).

To quote Juliana Hatfield “I love my sister, she’s the best.”

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