The day after Wrestlemania is not like one of those special events where the next day there is suddenly nothing to look forward to in your calendar aside from cleaning up from the night before, the WWE does not rest and as soon as the lights were switched off at the big show, eyes shifted to tonight’s RAW.

The big question is where does WWE go now? It’s that night where McMahon has a clean slate and can start any new storylines or extend those after the fall out of Wrestlemania. Firstly, the WWE now has a champion who will turn up for every show, whatever your view on Cena, he has worked tirelessly for the organisation and is the ‘go to’ guy whenever Vince needs someone to talk up the company. Sure he might not have the overall mainstream appeal of The Rock, but at least fans can now think that they have a proper champion, rather than an old favourite coming back to plug his latest blockbuster. It’s very tough to be the biggest cinema star in the world and be the face of the WWE. The Rock tried his best and got the federation noticed on tours of the talk shows, but fans are very protective, we want a champion who I there for us, not for some guy who has to be persuaded about the brilliance of Sports Entertainment.

Firstly, Vince should really get Dolph Ziggler to cash in the Money In The Bank briefcase as soon as possible. I don’t understand how someone with that chance would not cash it in at the biggest show of the year, it makes no sense. Also they cant have any more MITB events whilst the case is still out there. Perhaps they could bring Ziggler out tonight and have Cena wipe him out, that would show a great strength in the champion and quiet done the marks who think Ziggler could take out anybody.

Hopefully The Miz will get a higher showing this year, the Intercontinental Championship was demoted to the pre-show last night and if the company doesn’t care about the title then how can they expect the fans to? We know that The Miz already has a great presence and a great fan base so let’s roll with that and make the title worth something again.

Problems seem to come with Brock Lesnar and Ryback. These two should be positioned as the two unbeatable monsters, slaying anyone stupid enough to get in their way. If Brock had taken out HHH then it would have caused the fans to sit up and notice the big man again but being beaten at the big show is a significant chink in Brock’s armour. Now there is talk of a Brock/Rock programme, but surely we have just exited the reign of the Brahma Bull, so it is a little early to look at that, let’s have Lesnar/Cena for a while, if Cena can survive that sort of attack straight after winning the title then surely more respect will come his way, however much the crowd seem to enjoy booing him.

Ryback? He was supposed to be the unbeatable strong man, but instead he has been beaten left right and center. Is there a more middle-of-the-card wrestler than Mark Henry? I don’t think so. But if Ryback had Shellshocked him cleanly in the middle of the ring during the match it would be a good warning to everyone else not to mess. Now he will have to be fed a lot more to get him back to his position of power. Make it happen a soon as possible.

The Shield are surely the break out stars recently, its nice to have a stable that isn’t against the main company (I’m looking at you Aces and Eights) and constantly ranting blah blah blah. The Shield come, they fight, they win, they leave. Brilliant. You want to see more, you want to know more of the story, you are emotionally invested. They will be major players moving up to Wrestlemania 30, count on it.

Of course, the magic of WWE is that Vince might come out tonight and wipe out all my predictions by throwing together wrestlers that you never imagined feuding. That’s the magic of being a wrestling fan, you always have your own idea of what is best for the company, but overall, Vince bets his life on it, making for more entertainment for all of us. Good luck, Mr McMahon, bring on the next chapter.

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