Wrestlemania Greats : Mayweather VS Big Show


Today we look at another side of Wrestlemania. As well as featuring all of the biggest stars on the roster, the show also likes to include superstars from the world of TV, music and film to join in the celebration and occasionally get in on the action.

Over the years, we have seen Alice Cooper, Mr T, Motorhead, Raven Symone, Snoop Dogg, Liberace, Limp Bizkit, Donald Trump, John Legend and many more take to the stage and help celebrate the biggest event in the wrestling calendar.

One of the best of these was when Floyd Mayweather not only appeared at the big show, but he FOUGHT The Big Show in a highly entertaining and somewhat ridiculous bout at Wrestlemania XXIV.

The funniest thing I that the size difference really showed and occasionally The Big Show would just pick up Mayweather and carry him around like a baby. You really thought that there was no way that the little man was going to win but then you realised you had forgotten the old Wrestlemania magic where anything could happen and Mayweather hit him with a slamming punch and Wight was left floundering on the ground as Mayweather celebrated. Brilliant.

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