Wrestlemania Greats : Warrior VS Hogan


This was the big one for me. We were yet to become smart and we didn’t have the internet and Kayfabe had yet to be smashed wide open by the chance to interact with your favourite wrestlers and hear what they had for lunch and who they would be fighting in a year and the options that the writers have for the big show after the next big show.

Of course, all those things are great and you have to remember that the other side of this is that we didn’t have Raw with big matches every Monday night, the weekly shows were just jobbers being squashed endlessly and Gene Okerlund announcing matches for the next PPV (Four shows a year!). Didn’t stop us watching Wrestling Challenge and Superstars every single week though looking to get any news about what our favourites were doing and this of course came to a head with Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania VI was me and my friend Steve hanging out all day and discussing who was gonna win (I was with Hulk and Steve was with the Warrior) in the main event and how. Every possible outcome was thought of and thought through and both of us were sure that we knew how it was gonna play out. This was an epic, not only for the WWE Title but also for the Intercontinental Title which might not mean much in 2013, but then was almost as important as the main belt. The titles were on the line, Hulkamania was on the line.

Babyface VS Babyface, this really did not happen much. Normally you were shown who to cheer for by some dastardly action or other, or one wrestler saying bad things about the fans. It was easy to know who was going to get cheered and who was to get jeered. Not here. Both sides were cheered, it really was a case of having to choose the best from two of the best.

The match lived up to the hype, it was back and forth and there were chance for both to take it. When Hulk went into his finish you knew it was over, but it seems the Warrior had other ideas and soon grabbed the three count and perhaps the most famous victory in Wrestlemania history.

How we yelled, how we shouted everything at the television, how Steve cheered, how I sat and wondered how that could happen. Epic. Rest of the evening was spent discussing it and even this many years later I can still remember every emotion of that match. Incredible.

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