Wrestlemania Greats : Savage VS Steamboat


Think of Wrestlemania III and your first thought may well be of Andre The Giant getting scooped up and slammed by Hulk Hogan. Yet that bill also included a classic Intercontinental Title bout that pitted Macho Man Randy Savage against Ricky The Dragon Steamboat and it was sublime.

This was storytelling at its best with the match being set up via a number of incidents in previous weeks. Many thought that Steamboat may have to give up wrestling after Savage slammed him in the throat and seriously injured his larynx. Meanwhile, Savage was having problems of his own with George The Animal Steele who had taken a liking to Miss Elizabeth and even kidnapped her at one point to prove his devotion.

As Steamboat returned to seek his vengeance at Wrestlemania III, George Steele accompanied him to the ring to protect him from whatever Savage had planned and of course, if he got to impress Elizabeth then that was even better.

The match, once it got down to it, was action a go-go with some of the fastest paced action and a number of astounding moves. Savage did his usual acrobatics whilst also making sure Elizabeth was kept away from The Animal. Savage eventually stopped using his wrestling skills and once again took to cheating, attempting to take Steamboat out with another bell to the throat, but this time it backfired and Savage was rolled up and Ricky The Dragon Steamboat became the champion and celebrated with the big man.

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