Wrestlemania Greats : Hogan VS Slaughter


The controversy seems to have been amped up in in recent weeks as RAW prepares us for Wrestlemania with an angle that plays off of the death of Paul Bearer, as CM Punk stole the urn and torments The Undertaker with it, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of some fans.

This isn’t the toughest case of story/reality heading into the Showcase Of The Immortals ever though, that must surely go to the championship match at Wrestlemania VII, Hulk Hogan VS Sgt Slaughter. Hang on a second, what? Isn’t Sgt Slaughter the great all American hero, second only to GI Joe in the list of great iconic fictional patriots? Well yes, but for a while there, at a time when Americans were looking for a hero, Slaughter swapped sides and as the Iraq war heated up, he came to the ring with the Iraq flag in hand as well as holding the title.

Naturally there was only one man who could face him and bring the title home, step forward Hulk Hogan in the classic red and yellow. It wasn’t an easy battle though, Slaughter was savage, busting Hogan open and making you think that perhaps the villain was going to win but luckily, there was the classic Hogan headshake and finish and the title came home.

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