Wrestlemania Greats : Michaels VS Jericho


Wrestlemania XIX saw one of the best wrestling matches in the history of this great event. Yes, it may not be as iconic as some of the ladder matches or hardcore matches that we have seen but Michaels/Jericho was a great show of technical performance – that isn’t to say it was dull, when you have the Showstopper and Y2J in the ring, you are guaranteed some magic and that is what the fans got.

Jericho has always pointed out that it was watching a young Michaels that made him follow his dream to emulate his hero and so this match used the classic storyline of the Padawan becoming the master, with a heel Jericho claiming to be the best and going up against his hero to show just who is the greatest ever.

Michaels at this point was, aside from the Undertaker, probably the biggest name at the Showcase Of The Immortals so this was a real generational battle and seemed evenly matched right up to the final bell. The backwards and forwards bout saw Jericho hit Michaels with his own version of Sweet Chin Music and Michaels performing a great Macho Man move from the top rope.

Jericho and Michaels are two great performers and this Wrestlemania XIX epic was a back and forth battle and the ultimate victor was the viewing public.

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