Poem : The Safest Of All Flavours


Oh young man you are awake,
Need a glass of water?
Here you are, no need to worry.
You might wonder what you’re doing here
We are just monitoring you
It is all for your own good
Worry not,
We are here to save you.
Seems you have been watching some horrific films
Made obviously by the sick and depraved
How could a normal man create such terrors?
We have never seen these blots on human decency of course
But we can tell how bad they are.
We read the Mail and post on bulletin boards
We are experts on the twisted underground.
Oh you are wondering where your hands are?
Well we had to remove them.
Cannot have you picking up those horror comics and magazines,
Fangoria and other pornographies.
Turning pages and revealing undead creatures,
Devilish zombies and unholy witches.
No we could not have you grabbing those,
It is for your own good.
Don’t try to scream, young man,
We’ve sewn you up with finest silken thread.
We are not against free speech of course
We just cannot allow the views of those you follow,
Six? Roth? Zombie? Manson? Even Bieber has started spouting filthy words
He should come down to our local church
All for his own good of course,
We are here to save all.
Now silenced you can be healed
Without any of that filthy opinion spilling from your acid tongue.
Your illness can soon be washed away,
You just need to look away.
There’s only one way to ensure that.
Do you know what hydrochloric acid can do to your eyes?
It can clean them of all that dirty blasphemy they’ve seen
Stop you viewing the wrong things
No more staring at the horrors
No more wallowing in the grime.
Lay back,
This wont take long.
It’s all for the best
I know what is best
We know what is best.
Right, we shall leave you
At last you are saved.
No need to thank us
We live for such things.
We shall celebrate your salvation
With a cold pure water
And a treat of ice cream.
Vanilla, of course,
The safest of all flavours.

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