Daft Punk Is Playing At My House, And Yours


There are some bands that you just wish were made into action figures and surely Daft Punk must come pretty near the top of that list (remembering that the Gerard Way figure already exists). The band stay brilliant by seemingly existing in their own universe, even their great cameo in Tron : Legacy worked as you didn’t think “What are they doing there?”, rather “Daft Punk are Djing, cool.” , they just slotted straight into the Disney world and I pray that they never decide to become real and show up without the helmet and talking about the music, maaan.

So, November our dreams become reality as Daft Punk are made into figures by Bandai Japan, on their collectors’ label Tamashii Nations. The figures are to be 15cm in height with ‘precise articulation’ so you can display them in a number of poses. The classic helmets will feature a shiny metal look which looks absolutely stunning.


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