X-Pac Comments On Bloody Injury


One of the most iconic wrestlers of all time, X-Pac, had a near death experience last weekend and has finally commented fully on what could have been not only his last match but also his last day on earth. Terrifying.
Sean Waltman was performing as part of a retirement show for Jerry Lynn in Minneapolis when whilst performing his iconic Bronco Buster, he was torn open and almost died before the ambulance got there. Luckily despite the severity of the situation, Waltman is now at home recuperating and from the following statement, still seems to have his sense of humour too. Get well soon, Pac!

“The video doesn’t do justice to the severity of the situation. the turnbuckle wasnt covered & my landing should have been 45 degrees. I ended up landing hard & horizontal.
The turnbuckle ripped me another new a hole. I knew it right away, U can see me tell ref “tore my ass!” I went to after party briefly, but had to leave as blood starting gushing.
Hotel looked like a murder scene. So much blood. Hotel security called ambulance & Dr Morken performed sphincterplasty to save me from having to have a colostomy bag. It hard not to laugh. So feel free to find it humorous.
I did almost bleed out, before ambulance got there. I did the x factor from the top rope & 1 through a table after it happened. My concern was Jerry getting the proper send off, Not my butthole.”

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