POEM : Goodnight Darkness, Hello Light


Let’s scream until the darkness shatters,
Burn the fear inside to fuel
And push ourselves forward rather than fear.
Tear up the rules,
Become your own avatar
Worship at the cross of thyself.
Begin to focus on the truth
Not the cold chilling your life bones
But the wave of hope rumbling under it all.
Clasp onto the beautiful people
Who hold you no matter how dirty or cold
And make no judgement just bring their love.
Start looking up instead of into the hole
If the end comes we shall meet it with a song
Not go chasing it through depression’s maze.
One second is all we need
Watch it tick over and then the sun appears.
We lay under the rays
Taking in all the world’s warmth
Becoming what we deserve to be.
Goodnight darkness, hello light.

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