Rolling Stones, Amanda Palmer And Evan Dando For Glastonbury


More festival news, one with a proper headlining legendary rock troupe – and I don’t mean fucking Mumford & Sons.

The Glastonbury line-up is out and the big news is that The Rolling Stones are set to headline one of the three days, presumably showing this generation what a real rock and roll band is supposed to look like and do. Of course, if raw brilliance is too much for you, you can still go and see Jake Bugg or Miles Kane.

Looking down the line-up there are plenty of sonic treats – Amanda Palmer and Smashing Pumpkins and PiL on the Other Stage, Chic and Public Enemy on the West Holts Stage, Cat Power, The Horrors and Dinosaur Jr on the Park Stage, Crystal Castles headlining the John Peel stage and Evan Dando on the Avalon Stage.

Of course, I am allergic to festivals. Ok, I can do Download but that doesn’t involve so much mud or indeed any hippies, and when me and my buddies Bethan and Keith went, we saw KISS do the whole make-up and explosions extravaganza which was incredible. Then as if to laugh at my love of a festival, when we were travelling back to the station, our bus driver started falling asleep and almost put us through the central barrier, our only saviour was Keith who went and stood up the front, talking to the driver and occasionally poking him when he nodded off. That sounds like an episode of a particularly tacky comedy show but I can tell you it was not funny at the time. At all.

Glastonbury is the 28-30th June. And, you know, on the TV…

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