Quote, Unquote : Kitty M.S.I.


“On a serious note: I see your comments and sincerely feel your pain, MCR fans. The beauty of music is that it can touch your soul so deeply and become like a friend when you are lonely or sad or happy or excited. When a band that has become the soundtrack to your life disbands, it seems as if you have lost that soundtrack. It’s a painful transition, and one I have had to make several times in my life. But let me just say that those songs that spoke to you, continue to speak volumes and to live on every time you listen to them. Great songs are immortal, and nothing that happens in the mundane real world can change that. And to the members on MCR who have had the bravery and wisdom and guts to step away from the magic they’ve created, I applaud you. The true sign of a great artist is to look at his/her canvas and know when it is finished – to realize that one more brushstroke would only ruin it’s completeness. Then, it is time to pull out a fresh, blank canvas and begin to think and dream something new. As sad as I am for MCR and their fans, I’m equally excited for each one of them as they all begin their new journeys. The possibilities are limitless…”

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