Put Your Pom Poms Down : April 2


Remember when singles were announced months before release and first you got the music press adverts and then the reviews and then finally the day came and you waited patiently to get the disc in your hand? I do miss the romance of that, but at the same time there is now the reverse where a band just pops up and says “Hey, this is coming!”, which is exactly what Jonas Brothers have done today.

Following on from their South American dates, the single ‘Pom Poms’ is released on April 2nd with the new album to follow. Brilliant. Of course, most of this country will either shrug or hit me with the classic ‘How can you like Band A and also love Jonas Brothers?’ question. ‘Jonas Brothers’/’A Little Bit Longer’/‘Lines, Vines & Trying Times’ are three of my favourite albums ever, sure very different from ‘The Black Parade’ or ‘The Holy Bible’ or ‘Berlin’ but heartbreaking, uplifting and touching and full of huge pop songs. They are also superb live – watching Joe Jonas leap onto a grand piano remains one of those perfect gig moments. Awesome. Thus I am exceptionally excited about ‘Pom Poms’. Bring it. Bonus Jonas!

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