Kickstart Uncle Alice Presents


Over at Kickstarter there is a new project underway, to make the horror of Uncle Alice Presents a chilling reality. Uncle Alice Presents is set to be a 12 part comic strip of spooky tales featuring rock shocker Alice Cooper. There will then be a compilation graphic novel and if enough money is chucked in the pot, there is a television show all ready to go, also starring Cooper.

The series is the brain child of Tom Sheppard, who is known for co-creating The Annoying Orange and also being a writer behind the cult classic Pinky And The Brain.

By donating to the project, you can get yourself t-shirts, pins, a bust of Alice Cooper, an oil painting of the rock icon used in the show and even a round of golf on Alice’s favourite course, although you should only opt for that if you are an excellent player already and not just a Cooper fan. There’s also the chance to get an exclusive voicemail message from Alice or even to get yourself drawn into the comic as a character.

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