This I usually the best time of year in the world of wrestling. Wrestlemania is just around the corner and so every week, RAW and Smackdown take on more importance as feuds are cemented, contracts are finalised and the fans learn who will be going to the big show.

Yet, this year there seems to be a problem. It’s not with the bill as a whole, that is going fine with the Punk/Undertaker and HHH/Brock matches looking particularly great. No, the problem is with the headliner The Rock/Cena. Now the big problem isn’t the fact that they are doing a ‘once in a lifetime’ match for a second time, the problem is that the champion isn’t showing up for every show in the lead-up to WM. No, The Rock is off promoting G.I.Joe, meaning that it is up to Cena alone to promote their possible Slobberknocker.

This doesn’t work of course, as despite Cena’s hard work to build up the match, there’s little tension and excitement when you know the champ isn’t gonna suddenly jump out and kick his ass. Again we wonder why Vince didn’t keep the belt on Punk and then the headliner could have been Taker/Punk, Streak VS Streak, with both figures appearing on RAW, the pre-hype for this one is on fire. But no, The Rock it is, don’t get me wrong, he’s one of the best of the Attitude era and has done a lot for the sport outside of the WWE but the problem is he need to know when to step back in, be a real champion and hype the biggest event in wrestling fans calendars.

Sure, I will change my mind if G.I.Joe turns out to be the new Gone With The Wind but for now, come home Rock, and bring the goddamn belt.

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