‘Maniac’ Hits British Screens

Franck Khalfoun’s remake of early eighties slasher classic ‘Maniac’ hits British screens today and features Elijah Wood providing an intense performance as the titular character Frank, a guy who spends his time alone working on mannequins which he restores and adores.

Alas this is as close as Frank gets to real women until his dark side reveals itself and the scalpings begin. That’s no spoiler, the trailer below shows it in graphic detail and just the sound is enough to have you hiding behind the proverbial sofa.

Cleverly the film shows the action mostly in first person, so that you literally get inside the head of Frank and so however savage the idea might me, you’re right there with him and get some understanding as to how he feels. You’re happy when he meets Anna who shares some of his desires and you think that he may be in a happier place where scalping is not on the pleasures list. Alas, this is not the case and soon we are even deeper inside Frank’s head, feeling his paranoia and murderous rage as he steps into the arena of madness.

Here’s the savage trailer:


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