The BBFC would have you believe that watching Tom Six’s classic ‘The Human Centipede’ movies is harmful. The reality seems to be that, SHOCKER, horror fans can tell reality from fiction and the films are in fact similar to a rollercoaster ride. After visiting the fairground you don’t start driving your car at 200 miles an hour into oncoming traffic, you merely get off and state “That was awesome.” perhaps feeling a little bit brave for having endured it and also a little bit sick. Yep, that’s exactly the reaction Six was looking for with his first two Body-Horror Cronenberg-esque treats and in the forthcoming end of the trilogy which will make the second look like “A Disney Movie”. Six is not only an excellent director but he is great at soundbites too.

Fans of the series seem to be very creative types and here are a couple of brilliant spoofs I recently discovered online, one featuring a LEGO set of the fair doctor and his victims and the other a new version of a classic kids story, changed slightly by Dieter Laser’s surgery.


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