Recently I seem to have been watching a lot of horror. All that Eli Roth and Serbians and centipedes was all pretty dark, so decided I needed a cinematic sorbet to cleanse the filmic palate. That’s just a pretentious way of saying I decided to watch a film featuring a talking rabbit that poops jellybeans. Yeah, I just wrote that!

The story is a simple one, well sort of, basically E.B. is next in line to become The Easter Bunny but really prefers hanging in his room drumming along to Good Charlotte. When his father crushes his dream, E.B. flees to Hollywood to pursue his destiny. There he meets Fred, a slacker human who is looking after a big mansion and trying to get a job. Together they must push things forward and nor fall foul of Fred’s frowning parents or worse, The Pink Berets, attempting to take E.B. back to where he belongs.

Whether you love this movie kinda depends on how you feel about Russell Brand, who voices E.B. If you don’t like his humour then the whole thing will fall down as even as a rabbit, Brand is his usual self, which of course if you love him and find his shtick hilarious (as you should, yeah that’s the side of the fence I’m on and this is my blog so I can stand up and shout it, he’s just ace) is brilliant and adds a cutting edge to the animation.

If you’re expecting sugary songs, then you might be surprised to learn that as E.B. arrives in Hollywood and looks up at the neon filled streets, he does so to the soundtrack of Poison classic ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ and when he is misbehaving in the mansion, he’s rocking out to ‘Celebrity Skin’ by Hole. Class.

Aside from Brand, there is an excellent cast list. The evil chicken is played by Hank Azaria of Simpsons fame who is genuinely hilarious and Fred’s parents are Office Space’s Gary Cole and Elizabeth Perkins. Add to this the ace Kaley Cuoco (8 Simple Rules/Big Bang Theory) and Hugh Laurie and you have a spicy meat-a-ball of a picture!

Following on from his mixing with fantasy with X-Men and Enchanted, James Marsden rolls with the tale as if he sees talking rabbits every day, due to the fact that his character had seen one as a kid and is happy to have The Easter Bunny’s existence confirmed. Marsden is so likable and as a lot of the action is a two-handed situation, his chemistry with Brand breaks through and, well, you kinda forget that he’s just talking to a (brilliantly animated) CGI bunny. Just look at that fur. Impressive.

Good performances, great animation, spiky dialogue, excellent soundtrack and enough laughs to have you laughing out loud on a regular basis, ‘Hop’ is a great family movie that doesn’t smash you over the head with morals and ‘important messages’, it’s just out to give you a good time and it does that brilliantly. Did I mention David Hasselhoff? Yes, the Hoff is here too. Something surely for everyone unless you’re super surly.

Now, where’s that Last Exorcism disc…?