Here’s today’s fantastic t-shirt available through the Shirt Punch website. We are all suckers for as much Star Wars as we can get, it’s always amusing to hear people whining about the prequels and the new trilogy, as often they are the first ones to go OMG when new products arrive featuring the classic characters. (for the record, I’m not talking about me, I love the prequels and will be heading to the cinema on the first day to see Episode VII, just as I did with I,II and III.)

If you want to get yourself one of these great Yoda t-shirts, there is a twist…Shirt Punch only sells their t-shirts for a single day, with no guarantee that they will ever return. Each day they have different Popular Culture and TV selections and there’s an on screen timer counting down to these rarities disappearing. Get in quick, you must. Good, they are.


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