Feuds Heat Up Prior To Wrestlemania


The hype heading towards the forthcoming Wrestlemania 29 is certainly being ramped up but last night’s RAW also paid tribute to the brilliance of Paul Bearer, with Undertaker coming to the ring and being reunited with the famous urn.

This lead to a CM Punk appearance which certainly increased his heat even though only the most kayfabe fan would not have seen THAT coming. Brilliantly Kane stop being the comedy sidekick for once and stepped in to defend Bearer’s memory and of course his ‘brother’.

This moved towards Vickie Guerrero setting up a match between The Big Red Machine and Punk in which Kane was victorious thanks to another Undertaker appearance. Judging by the response to all of these incidents, Punk VS Undertaker seems more like a headliner than the much hyped Cena/Rock II, especially with the participants working their rumps off, whilst the champion himself is away hyping the new GI Joe movie. Granted he is taking the WWE belt on tour with him, but you do think that a champion should be showing up on the flagship programme weekly and certainly before such a massive event as W29.

In other news, the Brock Lesnar/Triple H confrontation, guaranteed to be a slobber knocker, will have a stipulation to be decided by Paul Heyman and announced soon. Let’s hope for either a Last Man Standing match or even an Iron Man epic, either of these would produce a sure fire classic.

That’s two potential epics lined-up and chances are that despite the lack of enthusiasm in the build-up, Cena and Rock might pull off something special too. Then Ziggler comes in and steals the title by cashing in Money In The Bank? Simples.

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