Tom And Jerry Double Suicide!?!


No, that isn’t the name of my new Emo band, but thinking about it, maybe it should be…
Before the terrible things that started happening to Tom And Jerry in recent years (let’s not talk about them talking, eh? SHUDDER), things were a lot darker as illustrated in this classic short that saw the end of the two rivals.

‘Blue Cat Blues’ starts with Tom sitting on the train tracks, seemingly out of his mind and waiting for a train to end his suffering. No, really. It is Jerry who then recounts the story of how Tom fell in love with a girl who was taken by a love rival Mr Butch (from back in the day when cartoon cats could smoke cigarettes). Tom signs away an arm and a leg, literally, to win her heart, but Butch always has something bigger and better and instead of hanging on to love, the bitch follows the almighty dollar, leaving Tom alone.

Broken and empty, Tom gets a drinking problem and falls into the gutter. As we see Tom preparing to end it all, Jerry is confident that his relationship will stand the test of time, only for his love to drive past with a new beau. Then, instead of trying to save Tom, Jerry decides to join him on the tracks and as the darkness falls, you hear a train coming…

They don’t make ‘em like this anymore…DARK.

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