The Beautiful People : Mom


As it is Mother’s Day, thought I would add our own mom to the list of beautiful people, where she obviously deserves to be. The picture which I love also includes a tiny me, well I was pretty big, but you know what I mean.

If you wonder why I use the American version of Mom, it is because I used to call her Mombie, after the character in ‘Return To Oz’, no I wasn’t calling her a witch, I wasn’t that nasty a kid, I thought that the character Mombie was graceful and super cool, that’s why I took it.

Our mom has been gone for an age now, but she still pops up on a daily basis and is still one of the greatest people you could ever know, no past tense needed. Love to my sister Shushanah who gets to enjoy Mother’s Day as a mother herself to the lovely Florence and Lani.

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