May 20th, it’s a Monday, nothing special. Yet imagine how much better it would be if it was Macho Man Randy Savage Day. Yes, that sounds much more important and also would be an excuse to buy balloons and spend a few hours watching classic WWE matches featuring one of the greatest of all time.

The petition to dedicate this day to the deceased icon is currently up at and the goal is to reach 100,000 signatures by April 4th which should be pretty simple knowing how many fans Savage has around the world.

The petition itself reads: “Macho Man Randy Savage was a national treasure loved by everyone who watched him on television or knew him personally. No matter if you knew him from Slim Jim commercials or his wrestling career, you felt a deep connection with Savage. Tragically, the world lost him on May 20, 2011. This petition is to set aside that day every year as a celebration and remembrance of the Macho Man’s life and to keep his legacy alive for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.”