As we get closer to Wrestlemania 29, it seems that Vince McMahon is turning up the heat on Raw to eleven and things are not only getting more intense and action packed, but blood is back with the savage battle between a returning Triple H and the monster Brock Lesnar resulting in what Jim Ross would call a crimson mask. On last night’s show, Lesnar got to kiss the ringpost and busted his head open which required some serious treatment after the show, although he left the ring with a wicked smile on his face, looking to destroy Trips at the big event.

Zeb Colter delivered another controversial We The People promo which again reminded me of the Attitude era as Vince presents material that can make you feel particularly uncomfortable but also is addictive viewing, you just know that at some poin the is going to get his ass kicked pretty severely and everyone will be cheering. It’s also strange that Jack Swagger appears to still be hitting Wrestlemania after his recent DUI arrest, which seems strange considering WWE’s Wellness Policy which you’d imagine would have seen him at least suspended for a while if not tossed out permanently.

CM Punk gave another classic promo, adding more controversy by suggesting he is God, leading to a million tweeters whining about him being a very naughty boy, bet they will still be watching him at the biggest PPV of the year though, who wouldn’t after this speech?

“Tonight, on live television, the world witnesses history. And those fortunate enough to be here live in person is something you’ll talk to your grandchildren about. A story has been told for years leading to this moment, and poetically you’ll see the end as well as the beginning. There are people who will have you believe that it’s an epic match between John Cena and CM Punk, but tonight is not about a match. Tonight is epic, but it’s not about John Cena. As much as you want it to be, tonight is not about The Rock. In fact I could stand out here and point at that sign because the winner of tonight’s epic match goes on to WrestleMania, but tonight isn’t even about WrestleMania. Tonight isn’t even about “The People”. And as important and near and dear to my heart as the WWE Championship is, it’s not even about that. Tonight is about the future. Tonight is about what is more important than The Rock for the championship. Tonight is about ME! Tonight is about THE single most important superstar of this era and eras past. Tonight is about me taking my place at the showcase of the immortals in the main event! I have held my precious WWE Championship longer than anybody has in decades! I and I alone with these two hands have defeated John Cena when it mattered more times than I can remember. I have pinned the almighty Rock not one but twice in four weeks. I am the best in the world! I am the BEST in the world, and the best in the world has every right to main event WrestleMania. I am not just a superstar. I am an ICON that rises above superstars. You are in the presence of greatness on two feet. I am not just a mortal I am immortal! I am the greatest of all time. A legend. An icon. The BEST. The greatest, and in this world you all inhabit I…I am God!”

Whilst CM Punk is certainly a wrestling god, he still couldn’t get the job done against Cena so you can expect The Undertaker to return soon and challenge him, could the streak be in danger?


Next week is an Old School special on RAW so expect to see some of the classic wrestlers returning and hopefully we will get an Attitude style show with more envelopes being pushed. Bravo Mr McMahon!