New Spider-Man Suit Revealed


Revealed today – the first shot of the new Spidey suit for next year’s sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2!
The original movie seemed to split fans, but I thought that Andrew Garfield was a brilliant Peter Parker, split between the normal world of family and chasing girls and his new responsibilities as the swinging wonder. Emma Stone provided a beautiful and spirited Gwen Stacy and Rhys Ifans was nicely bonkers.

The sequel should provide excellent action too with two excellent editions, both brilliant actors and both classic characters in the Spidey universe. Oscar winner Jamie Foxx stars as Electro and even better the excellent Paul Giamatti will be kicking ass as The Rhino.

For more personal battles, the film sees the introduction of a certain Mary Jane Watson, leaving Parker with difficult emotions to deal with, although we don’t expect him to turn into the emo icon of Raimi’s final edition.

Watch for more on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soon!

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