Vanessa Hudgens is set to have an epic year with three new movies coming out, each of which seems to get a little bit further away from her iconic appearances in the High School Musical trilogy.

Frozen Ground sees Hudgens playing a drug addled prostitute and Gimme Shelter is a homeless drama featuring a practically unrecognisable Hudgens in what seems to be the sort of performance that the Oscars were created for.

The third of the three is likely to get the most attention as Spring Breakers comes from the inventive genius that is Harmony Korine, the auteur behind the classics Gummo and Kids. The film also stars teen icon Selena Gomez as well as James Franco and seems set to cause plenty of controversy and hopefully translate that into big box office.

Read Vanessa’s interview with Paper magazine here, which talks more about the upcoming pictures as well as her love of Disneyland: