Being a huge fan of both horror and wrestling, it is perhaps surprising that I never saw this movie before, especially as the star is one of my favourite performers inside the squared circle, Kane.

The action takes place in an old hotel where years before a fire had killed the owner and nobody had reopened it or renovated, until an old woman and her history group decide to clean the place up with the help of degenerates from the local prisons. These prisoners are on a special program whereby they do three days work and they get one month off of their sentence. This of course sounds like a good deal but you know pretty much from the get go what fate has in store for them – tip for teens in horror movies, do not instantly start doing drugs and having sex, bad things will always happen. That is where Kane comes in, playing Jacob Goodnight, a disturbed and violent individual murdering using a huge hook on a chain and also removing the victims eyes. This is probably the freakiest aspect of See No Evil, the deaths themselves whilst violent and bloody wont give sleepless nights to most horror junkies but seeing Kane’s fingers squishing into the eyes is likely to have the least squeamish looking away.

Perhaps the problem that See No Evil has is the number of dislikeable characters, I mean when you first meet the prisoners you might wish the bus would just overturn and finish them all off before the film has even got started, these aren’t just the classic naïve teens of the Jason Voorhees universe, they are crude felons who you will have little sympathy for once Kane gets to work. Luckily a couple of characters shine through as likeable and when one ends up in a cage, you do hope she gets rescued before Kane can do whatever it is he is thinking of doing to her…

Considering this is a WWE Films production, you might think that the nastiness would be kept to a minimum, but no, this is a full blown gore fest and there are some astounding and seriously nasty instances throughout – the Lionsgate logo at the start of a movie these days seems to be a promise of a bloody treat.

See No Evil is a decent popcorn chiller, a throwaway treat probably forgotten ten minutes after you watch it, but there are some good ideas, a dark and creepy atmosphere and a great central performance by Kane which makes you wish that the makers of any future Friday The 13th movies would call him up immediately to take over the Jason Voorhees role which this suggests he would be perfect for.