Elimination Chamber Predictions


The Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View is always a strange one, I mean from the Royal Rumble onwards, everything is focussed on the big one, Wrestlemania, and all the stories are pushing towards that event. Then, just when you’re working out who will be fighting who on the big show, Elimination Chamber comes along and just seems to be a chance to slot in the final pieces of the Wrestlemania puzzle, rather than somewhere where twists and turns are likely to happen.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t some decent matches lined up for this Sunday, so lets have a look at what is coming up and what might happen…


A special bonus for the online pre-show sees the return of Team Rhodes Scholars which should be a cause for celebration and lead to a guaranteed victory, I mean why bring them back just to get defeated? Then you see who their opponents are and suddenly I’m not so sure. Clay and Tensai are one of those cursed ‘comedy teams’ that arrive occasionally and are put over over far more talented competitors. Tensai does something funny, Clay gets the pin, they do a little dance, everyone leaves happy. Not me, I wont be happy at all.


This is another match that should go one way but will probably go the other. I mean, Cena, Ryback and Sheamus is about as Babyface as you can get and you cannot really see them losing at such a big event. Yet the opposite is what NEEDS to happen in order to keep up the image of The Shield who are currently an unstoppable force in WWE. If The Shield step up and annihilate three of the fan favourites then everyone will sit up and take notice, but if they are beaten this early in their run then the hype will fizzle out and everything that has been built up will be lost. Please Vince, give The Shield the win, it’s far too early to ave them lose and turn on each other, which is surely a story for Wrestlemania 30?


This one has all the makings of an old fashioned Slobberknocker as good old J.R. would have it. It’s also a pretty difficult match to call with so many top stars attempting to get the chance of a World Heavyweight Title shot at Wrestlemania 29, all of whom you could argue deserve a chance on the big stage.
Up until a few weeks back, I would have called Randy Orton for this, he excels at these big matches and is great in the Wrestlemania arena. Yet, then Chris Jericho returned and things changed. Jericho seems to be on fire since coming back to WWE and with the fans behind him and some PPV quality matches on the weekly shows, I would be surprised to see him drop the ball now, going into the big show. Another chance to Save_Us!


The idea of The rock going against CM Punk again is a mouth watering one, although you cannot help but look forward to Wrestlemania 29 where unless Vince really has spun us all out, The Rock will take on Cena in a rematch of last year’s headliner. This means a guaranteed win for The Rock here, although the strange extra rule (if Rock gets himself disqualified or counted out, CM Punk wins the title) would suggest there might still be a surprise – perhaps there is a chance that The Rock will take the title following a run-in and CM Punk will complain to the Chairman on Monday Night Raw, who will reply by making the Wrestlemania match a 3-Way with Rock, Cena and Punk? Whatever this should be an epic headliner and there is always the wildcard that is Paul Heyman – he could either screw Punk or bring in Lesnar to mess with The Rock and lead to his disqualification…Ah! I’m ready for this one!

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