I remember Charles Band from classic eighties horror movies such as Demonic Toys and Re-Animator, but he is also known as one of the pioneers in the home video industry, starting first the company Meda (named for his wife) in the late seventies and then, once this was sold, starting the label Wizard Video, which introduced audiences to iconic horrors such as I Spit On Your Grave and Zombie.

Of course, these early videos have become treasures for collectors of cult movies, especially as Wizard releases originally released in Clamshell cases, bigger than the usual VHS boxes and these obviously got a lot of rough and tumble in video stores and so not a lot survived.

Now, Band has discovered many of these original boxes in a warehouse, all in mint condition, as they still resided in their original shipping cases. Now, beginning this week (in the US, import junkies), Wizard Video will be resurrected with 4 movies being re-released every month for the next nine months.

The first quartet will be Return Of The Zombies, Trauma, Oasis Of The Zombies and Demoniac. Each film has between 180 and 420 editions and this will be a one off chance for horror fans, no full re-releases are planned. Each box will be numbered and signed by Charles Band, and feature the original feature you would have seen back in the day.

Check this out, as Charles Band tells the story of Wizard Video and of the resurrection of these VHS hits: