Eli Roth Reveals First Pic of ‘The Green Inferno’


It’s been a while since we last saw an Eli Roth directed picture on the big screen, so I must admit to being stupendously excited by the thought of The Green Inferno. Sure, we have only one picture from the film but hey, it means a new Roth extravaganza is coming!

Roth’s description of The Green Inferno sounds like a classic Ruggero Deodato nasty : ‘a group of student activists from New York City travel to the Amazon to protect a dying tribe, but crash in the jungle and are taken hostage by the very natives they saved.’

Whilst comparisons with Cannibal Holocaust are inevitable, (The Green Inferno name is a nod to the English title of the sequel to the cannibal classic) Roth has also talked about movies such as Aquirre Wrath Of God and says that Herzog is a definite influence on the picture.

Expect more soon. YOU WILL GET SERVED.

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