Man In A Box


Awoke suddenly
Everything was pure darkness
Heard my heart beating.

Tried to look around
Found I could not move an inch
Began to panic.

Seems I was boxed in
Pushed up and the lid came off
Bright sun hit my eyes.

Realised I could
Not move my hands, they were tied
With rusty barbed wire.

Tipped myself sideways
A thud as I landed hard
Sheer pain shot through me.

Saw the room was red.
Blood everywhere, sickly sight
The smell was immense.

Exhaled, tried to scream
Seemed my mouth was sewn up shut
Pain again, so hard.

Laid still for a while
Then at last I heard the door
Creak open loudly.

There was an old man
He hummed as he looked around.
His gaze was on me.

He came over and
Held my head in his cold hands.
He began to sing loud.

Last thing I saw was
A large blade from his pocket.
Sliced straight through me – gone.

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