The controversy behind Oz: The Great And Powerful might actually melt down the Internet before the movie hits cinemas in March. For my money, it looks absolutely beautiful, exactly how Oz should appear, the last thing we would have wanted is Oz suddenly becoming gritty and dark, the whole story lest we forget is dark enough. I’m already fearful of the witch! Sam Raimi? Hit and miss, certainly, but the Spidey trilogy showed that he could take well known characters, add his own magic but not mess with the basic formula. The idea of the creator of the Evil Dead trilogy let loose in Oz must surely be a good thing.

Some are still screaming at the Disney vision. Christ, if anyone knows anything about classic fairytales, light/dark and creating complete magical worlds then it’s Walt’s people. Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Watcher In The Woods, Nightmare Before Xmas, Sleeping Beauty…Plenty of darkness beneath the colours.

These three posters look stunning, a brilliant peek at a magical world Bring it.