Poem: Destiny On Track


So he travels to the big city
Heart beating faster with anticipation and a little fear.
He arrives early, of course,
Scared to be late for such an important date
Not that it is one
Is it?
Drinks coffee
Crunches some crisps
Checks his hair for the fifteenth time.
At last, destiny approaches slowly.
He almost skips to the platform
Excitement brimming
Like he might explode and just leave a cool pair of shoes.
Train arrives
Breath quickens
And there she is.
The smile in the flesh.
Beautiful doesn’t cover it.
If they were a movie
Hearts would rise up cartoon style and fly.
They hug
He has never felt warmer.
They stroll into the concourse
Laugh at a picture of a dog in a hat
(Maybe just him, that one)
And collapse into a coffee lounge.
They talk and talk
And laugh and laugh
And glitter flies
And magic glows through the sky.
Looks like love has arrived
Let’s hope it has a single ticket.

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