Reviewing The Dark Night Rises without spoilering in any way is pretty tough, you just wanna shout plot points from the rooftops and share your excitement with the world.
Alas, revealing any of these points makes you a jerk and so we will just try and convey the excitement of the experience. Yes, it lives up to the hype, yes it’s brilliant, yes it’s dark, but not as dark as the last chapter and yes, Bane and Selena are both great.
The most depressing thing about the performance I saw was that the awesome Man Of Steel trailer got no reaction, whereas the new Kevin James movie (man becomes cage fighter, man falls over, repeat to fade) got applause and endless laughter. This country.
Still I was surprised by how good The Sweeney looks, there’s no nudge-nudge irony and Ben Drew seems a great choice. Ticket, please.
So, The Dark Knight Rises, three hours of pure comic book joy. I loved Bane in Batman And Robin but here he is fleshed out, just a darkness full of appetite for destruction, it’s his film in the same way that The Dark Knight belonged to The Joker and Batman Begins belonged to The Scarecrow.
In fact, the movie goes through most of its length without any Batman at all, just a broken down Bruce Wayne ignoring his demons before fighting back.
Gotham itself is more of a character, with a post 9/11 chill throughout.
You will not be disappointed.