So I bought a magazine in WHSmiths
Grabbed a coffee from Starbucks
And got on the train.
Achtung Baby on the Walkman,
Some guy from ITV opposite me (not Tom Bradby)
And a very understocked onboard shop.
Watch the world go by for a while
Check the Adidas reflection
I’m looking okay
I toast myself with cooling coffee.
Off the train
Pasty from Tesco and some Coca Cola
And a walk through London’s welcoming streets.
Spend two hours in HMV
Praying at the altar of Ryan Adams
The only god who gives something back.
Look at the buildings in Tottenham Court Road
Stare at the iPads with electronic Manga eyes.
Starbucks Espresso perks me up
Buy tickets for a big West End show
Knowing I might not be around to see it.
Get a taxi to St Paul’s Cathedral
Shooting protestors with bullets from Wal-Mart
And a gun I bought from Ebay.
Welcome to Capitalism, you fucks,
It allows you to buy coffee twenty four hours
Buy Shrek DVDs at two in the morning
And you know, get stuff cheaper, whenever you wish.
If you were in school instead of whining on the church’s doorstep you might know that.
Where’s your god now?
What was your point again?
Wait, is that a Nokia in your pocket?
Can you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y?
I shake my head, eat some Nestle chocolate and fire off a few more rounds
Explode a few more empty heads.
Drink another Coke
Read Time
Wait for the police.
Oh hang on, Weren’t you protesting about law enforcement last week?
Seems the Met is in no rush.
I wait a while then take my gun and go home
Whistling a tune on my Sony Walkman
And thinking of the Webber show later tonight.