I awoke, a tiger.
The cage was open
But I stretched spun around and collapsed in a heap
Enjoying the sun on my fur.
I took some licks of water
And left the cage.
It was quiet.
I watched a snake slither towards a dead bird
The flies flew as he approached
Swear I hear his jaw click as the bird disappears.
Most of the cages are empty
Where did all the ‘exhibits’ go?
Is the city filling with a menagerie of mayhem?
Monkeys walking the streets like businessmen
Enjoying another banana?
I see a crowd around a body
Our god lays dead, keys in his rigor mortised hands.
At the end he gave us freedom
But we can’t know what to do with it.
By sunset we are back in our cages.
It’s all we know.
It’s all we understand.
It’s all we want.