Piece of a puzzle in my pocket,
Dark blue nothing, the ocean.
People talk, I hear muted buzzing
Read expressions like pulp novellas.
Nod in the right places,
I’m okay, you’re okay.
A midnight stroll
Warmed by the city’s neon embrace,
A stranger in a strange land.
Doughnut sugar rush
Pineapple soda
Consumer heaven.
Watch the taxi drivers reading Doestoevsky
Waiting for the perfect fare that never comes.
Home to Death Of A Ladies Man,
Drift into sleep as the needle clicks,
Vinyl now keeping its secrets.
Up at six
Strong coffee and Fox News.
More tragedies in unimportant places,
Concentrate on the dropped butter on my shirt.
Grab some juice from the fridge
And out to Central Park to stroll and think
And watch the ducks,
Always the ducks.
Piece of a puzzle in my pocket,
I look again – it’s not the ocean,
It’s the sky emblazoned with light:
The piece missing so long.
Puzzle complete.