I was hanging with my friend The Brick
He’s a bit square but okay.
Sometimes we meet up in the pub
And dream the day away.
Being a stick and made of wood
At least I don’t perspire.
But the problem that I do have is…
“Keep away from the fire!”
The landlord likes to shout at me
Whenever I come in.
He chortles, laughing to himself
And fixes me a gin.
“Drink on the house, young Tinysmall!”
He’s kindly, that old fool.
The brick just grabs a bag of crisps
And we’re off to play pool.
He laughs and sinks the yellow ball
He doesn’t have a clue.
He thinks that it’s amusing though
To use me as a cue!
After a while the black goes down
And Brick begins to yelp.
Such a sore loser that young man
His temper does not help.
So then it’s table football
And another lovely gin.
He looks so intense and so strong
But once again I win!
At this point he begins to sulk
It don’t seem right to tease.
I hug my friend, I’m out the door
Just before the…”Time, please!”