Future Kubricks aborted as cost cutting exercises.
A thousand Deuce Bigelows, but no Clockwork Orange.
The library only has fifteen titles
Fourteen Holy Bibles
And an inoffensive romance written by a government ghost.
No one has ideas anymore
No paper needed to make notes
No sketches become Sunflowers.

Kennedys are spinning
No screening for Zapruder
Quickly smothered by Life.
Believe the Magic Bullet
And stop your damned thinking!
No news is good news
Settle down and take it
Now, a word from our sponsors.
If you’re questioning
Come this way, relax
Take a shower.
We’ve replaced your name in the name of compliance.
Speaking up is the first step to revolution
Issuing the first print made by the boot.

Wave goodbye to the Space Race
Atlantis, a forgotten treasure.
Kids no longer look to the stars and dream they can fly.
They’ll never see the Stars & Stripes thrust proudly into the moon’s surface.
The footage never shown
The planet’s adventurous past erased.
We are the dreamers of dreams
But the world now sleeps in black and white.
Our constant questioning is seen as insane danger.
For those with ideas –
The sanitarium awaiting.