Myra, can you find me?
I’m under the earth with a tin can for a halo.
Dogs sniff the earth for clues,
But I remain an unsolved riddle.
Too trusting by far it seems,
I took your hand and you showed me home.
Tea and sympathy for the scrapes on my knee
You tied a handkerchief around the wound
And kissed it better, magical pharmacy!
Myra, how could you harm me?
We listened to some sunshine songs
You had a pretty voice, for sure.
I looked through books and hummed along.
I forget the next episode,
But remember feeling cold and trying to cover my skinny nakedness.
Remember stabs of pain
-A man’s voice sighing?
Then it all went black.
My screams continued out of my body
Turned up loud on the stereo.
Flick the switch, please,
I can’t stand to hear my final moments.
Myra, can you find me?