There is no end of stupid people in the city.
From the vicar preaching Armageddon,
To the old man on the corner doing The Charleston for change.
Normally they are just a part of the recipe
The strange ingredients that make up our lives.
But yesterday? Yesterday was different.
Sit down, take a load off
I’ll tell you all about it, buddy.
Me and Sammy, a great afternoon,
Shooting pool and shooting shots.
By four o clock everyone was singing
My trick shots were winning
And we was having a ball!
Then he came in.
You know the type,
Putzi with a big mouth
Looking for an audience.
He called rudely to Rachel for a drink
All eyes sending daggers his way
Strike One.
Then he came over and asked if we were using trick balls
Cheeky sonofabitch
Strike Two.
Then finally he got up to leave
Stopping to slap Rachel on the ass
And laughing heartily as he did it
Me and Sammy took the back door.
We met him in the alley
His face kissed the concrete hard
A blood masterpiece spraying the walls.
We kicked and punched
And slapped and spat in his stupid face.
My foot crashed down on his head
Splitting it open like an over ripe cantaloupe.
Finally he was quiet.
We chucked the body in the trash
And went back to our pool game,
I gave Sammy two shots.
Don’t disrespect the ladies
That’s all we’re saying.