Woke to my radio playing a song
Wasn’t ‘I Got You Babe’ was ‘I Get Along’.
Looked out the window, a cover of fog
The day to hit town and to see the groundhog!
I checked out how hard the cold wind was blowing
I’m only a light stick, excited, I’m going.
The wind was just fine for this little twig
I hit the highway, dancing a good jig.
Decided to stop off for a little drink
Gave me some time to relax and to think.
Sat down on a stool and wiggled my legs
With a packet of nuts and two nice pickled eggs.
Just then a girl walked in and sat next to me
“Hello, what’s your name?” she said happily.
“I’m Tinysmall”, I squeakily spoke
Wondering if this was some kind of a joke.
She was really a beauty, wore apples on her shirt
Looked like a burlesque Courtney and I was her Kurt.
She had she greatest smile and read all my fave books
Knew movies, quotes and CDs and I was soon hooked!
We talked for an hour, young log to young log
Then I asked her to come and check out the groundhog.
She picked up my hand and said we had time
For just one more tasty beer (with a big slice of lime).
We laughed and we danced and we quietly kissed
Tinysmall’s young life – never better than this.
So we check out the groundhog to see what he says
Seems winter is over, everyone hoorays.
I turn to the girl and ask her to dinner
She accepts with a smile and I feel like a winner.
I escort her home like a classical gent
And think that the dear girl must be heaven sent.
I hope it’s like the movie as into bed I leap
Excited but tired, I soon fall asleep.

Woke to my radio playing a song
Wasn’t ‘I Got You Babe’ was ‘I Get Along’.