Was spending a December night
Relaxing and aloof
Swinging my little wooden legs
Whilst sitting on the roof.
Singing my song “I’m Tinysmall,
A little boy, but good.
I’m friendly and I’m happy
And I’m simply made of wood.”
I laughed as I sang my tune
Thinking it really great.
But my shimmering and wiggly dance
Had loosened up my slate.
I slid with speed into the air
And feared that I may die.
But a sleigh arrived and picked me up
We soared into the sky.
“Hello there, Master Tinysmall
I hope that you’re okay.”
A reindeer turned to look at me
Nodded and just said “hey!”.
Santa gave me sticky sweets
I wolfed them hungrily
He disappeared down chimneys
Had no need for a key.
We carried on for hours
Delivering the toys.
Dolls and trains and teddy bears
For all the girls and boys.
Suddenly I wondered
If there was anything for me
I had been a good Tinysmall
I always made the tea.
Before I could ask Santa
I closed my tiny eyes
I woke inside my bedroom
To the smell of warm mince pies.
Had I dreamt the whole shebang?
I imagined my friends mocking
That’s when I looked beside the bed
And saw the giant stocking!
A note said “Thank you Tinysmall”
Attached to a toy piglet.
An orange and a bouncy ball
And of course…a bag of Twiglets!