They photoshopped evil in your eyes
Disguising the real hate
Or making it seem watered down.

Across the table
She’s like any other girl.
Flirty, funny, intelligent
If you didn’t know what she’d done
You could lose your heart to this one.

Invitation to her flat.
Kiss her softly and stroke her bleach blonde hair.
“Put on some tunes”, she purrs.
I pick up the first cassette I find
I hear nothing but screams,
The cry of the child,
The roars of the ravaged,
The pleas of the expiring.
I leave before she returns with the tea.

We will get together.
I’ll pull your coat tight to shut out the cold
Then pull the knife tight to shut out the life.
Leave you next to K.B.
A puzzle without a map
Forever in the cold chill of Saddleworth Moor.
They will feel you in the air.

No one photoshopped evil in your eyes
It was born and it died there.