I woke up dreaming of a paper sun
Origami shade for the world.
With my paper heart beating fast
I stride into the rays.
Walk half an hour in the wrong direction to stroll past your house by accident.
Dog barks and I scurry away
Sure I saw the curtains twitch…
Sit alone on a paper sidewalk
Drawing faces on the street
Two souls colliding
A car splashes and they disappear.
The sun’s going down
Walk back in the wrong direction, past your house again.
See a coupled shadow in the window
And puke on the driveway.
Brush my gasping mouth with my sleeve
A Mountain Dew rinse
And then the emptiness comes.
The paper moon arrives
I pick up the phone to call
But the shadow pulls my hands down and I go under.

Paper razor clears the air
Paper sleep, without a care.