Mute salvation scream.
Shrunk down to nothing
Tracing paper skin
Name as number inked on the arm.
I hear some pray as sleep taunts me
“Don’t you see your god has forsaken us???”
They rock and murmur more,
Mothers cuddling the corpses of offspring.

Morning comes, no cock crows, no bird sings
Awakened by sirens of death
Future workers vs future experiments
Sifted through like diseased cattle.
Ribs above the surface
Legs like brittle bamboo blades
Do hearts even still beat?

Fight a child for a sliver of bread
Break a cripple’s nose for a spoon of pissed-in soup.
Guards laugh
Bodies fall.
Again, god turns his back without a word.
If he’s walking the Lagerstrasse,
He’s walking away.