The ticking of the clock
To the start of a new age
That will never come.

I will be gone for a thousand years
But to you it will only be a blink
My entire legacy created
Before you can breathe out.

The world belongs to the young
By the time you’re a screaming newborn
You’re already facing death
Looking down the barrel of a gun.

Living without the unknown before us
There’s nowhere to go
Floating alone in a foreign sky
The colours change, the darkness darker.

Beating the atomic bomb
With a ‘chief to the mouth
And a steely defiance
Future generations’ cancer.

Looking out on oblivion
A peaceful eeriness
The planet is a mausoleum
And my hair’s falling out.

I can’t make history when there can be no history
No one to document my future
No clock to distinguish it from the past.
Who’s to say I’m living?
Who’s to say I’m dying?

I try to see love’s rainbow
But all I find are dead hearts beating
Automatons keeping robotic time
Relationships are rusted epics.

The garden devoured by weeds
The snake now the caretaker
Take all the apples you want
The juice is bitter
Acid of the dead.

Floating free over the earth
Vacuum stung by memory
Last breath expelled
As you blink again and return to your life
Wondering what to have for lunch
And whose turn it is to pick up the kids.

Sometimes dead is better
Though I never existed
At least not for a thousand years
Not yet dreamt.